Root Canal Treatment Explained: Timeframe, Procedure, and Recovery

Root Canal Treatment: Timeframe, Procedure, and Recovery

Despite our best efforts, ignoring tooth pain can always be challenging. It not only comprises our oral health, but we are entirely aware that it can impact the quality of our life, smile, and sleep, making it hard for us to chew or successfully do anything else. In such a case, we may need a root canal specialist to diagnose the issue and perform the procedure.

We will provide you with an inside into how long a root canal take, how to know if we need one, and factors that affect the length of the therapy.

How to Know if We Need a Root Canal?

Before visiting the dentist, we need to know whether we need a root canal treatment. Persistent tooth pain is one of the significant signs of a root canal because it can be a characteristic of the exposed dental tissues and a compromised tooth enamel. Other than that, it is crucial to keep in mind your tooth’s sensitivity to hot and cold, whereas, if the tooth starts changing colour, you should consider a trip to the dentist.

If you have any chips or cracks on your tooth, you may experience pain in biting down. So, when you visit the dentist and the dentist finds out that your tooth is infected, he may suggest root canal therapy. It is worth mentioning that the consequences of not treating your tooth are much worse than having a root canal.

What is the Length of the Root Canal Therapy?

If you are wondering how long does a root canal take, the answer is simple. It usually takes 90 to 120 minutes, but the process may require more than one visit. When you can notice the problem early, then a quick root canal procedure is possible that can take 90 minutes. However, it all depends on the severity of your root canal, while the time you will spend in the dentist’s office also varies.

When having root canal therapy, you can expect time to scrape the debris on the canal. Other than that, the dentist also has to disinfect and rinse out the gum. If you have multiple canals, the process can take longer. The timeline of the root canal depends on the specific tooth, as molars can take longer than other teeth.

Which Factors Affect the Duration of the Root Canal?

The root canal duration varies from one patient to the other, but it depends on the condition and the tooth’s location. The procedure time is also affected by the number of root canals you need. If you need more than one root canal, the dentist must perform additional treatments to access and address your canals. The main factors that can affect your root canal are as follows:

  • The number of root canals you need.
  • The location of your tooth.
  • The level of decay or damage.
  • Any additional treatments.
  • Type of dental restoration.

Many people may need to be made aware that the restoration chosen for their tooth can also impact the duration of their root canal procedure. If it is a complex crown or dental prosthetic, it will require additional time to place and custom-fit.

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