About Us

Discover a new realm of dental care with Robelle Dental Centre, your friendly neighbourhood clinic in Springfield, Queensland.

With over thirty years of clinical experience our team passionately dedicates itself to providing high-quality dental services that are tailor-made to meet your unique needs. Over 9000 patients have trusted us as their partner in oral health over our fifteen years, and we’d love for you to join them.

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Our Story

Robelle Dental Centre, originally known as Orion Dental Centre, opened its doors in January 2008 with a clear vision of delivering quality dental care on our premises.

After seven years of hard work and dedication, we saw an opportunity to buy premises within the Park Avenue Apartments development. Following 15 months of negotiations and Council approvals, we opened our new practice in July 2017.

Our rich history is characterised by our unwavering commitment to patient care and continuous evolution to serve our community better.

Our Approach

At Robelle Dental Centre, we understand that dental care is more than just regular check-ups. It’s a comprehensive approach focusing on health, functionality, and aesthetics that ultimately enhances your overall well-being. Our philosophy is built upon these three fundamental pillars:

  1. Health: We strive to maintain your mouth free from disease, infection, plaque and tartar.

  2. Function: We’re dedicated to ensuring you can enjoy your favourite food without discomfort, speak clearly, and live without oral pain.

  3. Aesthetics: We believe that everyone deserves to feel good about their smile. From whiter, brighter teeth to a complete smile makeover, we’re here to make you feel and look your best.

Our Values

At Robelle Dental Centre, the four key principles guide Robelle Dental Centre, reflecting our commitment to providing exceptional dental care. These principles form the foundation of our practice and govern our interaction with patients:

Unwavering Honesty : We promise transparency and honesty in all our dealings, fostering an environment of trust with our patients.

Uncompromising Integrity : Our commitment to always doing the right thing ensures that we uphold the highest standards of professional ethics.

Deep Respect : We believe in treating everyone with respect and courtesy, cultivating an atmosphere of mutual respect.

Delivering Value : Ensuring you receive value from our services is paramount. We strive to deliver comprehensive care that positively impacts your dental health.

Experience the Robelle Dental Centre Difference

Offering a range of general dentistry and emergency dental services, Robelle Dental Centre aims to provide a safe and welcoming environment where patients like you feel comfortable and confident in the care you receive.

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Discover Your Best Smile at Robelle Dental Centre

Isn’t it time you loved your smile? At Robelle Dental Centre, our commitment is to give you the care you need and the smile you deserve.

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