How to Whiten Dentures?

How to Whiten Dentures?

Everyone wants white teeth because, from influencers to celebrities, white teeth are known to exude health, and those with radiant smiles are considered full of vitality and energy. There are several commercial products to whiten teeth in the market. Still, when we talk about dentures or false teeth, we may not have an answer regarding how to whiten dentures.

Dentures can get stained over time, just like natural teeth, and we can do a few things to whiten them. This post will cover the best ways to whiten dentures and preventive care for maintaining them.

Is it Possible to Whiten Dentures?

Many people get confused about whitening dentures due to stains and whitening them without stains. The main point is that it is impossible to change the dentures’ natural shade. So, if you are wondering how to whiten dentures, there may not be a way to brighten their base colour. However, whitening stained dentures is entirely different.

Through denture whitening, it is possible to eliminate stains accumulated over time; this way, the original colour of the false teeth is restored. If the surface stains remain uncleaned, getting rid of them cannot be easy. You can have bacterial infections and other diseases with poor and irregular dental hygiene. Most dentures are acrylic, and several factors result in staining and yellowing of dentures.

What are the Ideal Ways to Whiten Dentures?

  • Use Denture Solution

Denture solutions can be bought from a local pharmacy. When going to bed, you can place the dentures in a container that has a solution. In the morning, you can brush the dentures and rinse them with water.

  • Rinse

The main reason for the stains on dentures is the dark-coloured foods and beverages. If you want to avoid staining, you need to remove the dentures and rinse them after consuming such foods and drinks. Preventive maintenance makes it possible to keep the dentures clean and increase their life expectancy.

  • Hydrogen Peroxide

It is also one of the common ingredients readily available in over-the-counter and tooth-whitening products. Hydrogen peroxide can be used at home to remove stains. You can coat them with hydrogen peroxide and then brush away the stains.

  • Cleaning Tablets

If you are wearing dentures, you must use cleaning tablets specially designed for whitening them. You can easily buy them at grocery and drug stores, which usually involves soaking dentures.

Preventive Care for Maintaining Dentures

If you are worried about the staining of dentures, you need to ensure you practice good oral hygiene. Consuming certain beverages and foods can increase the risk of staining dentures, including coffee, red wine and tea. On the other hand, smoking is among the major causes of staining dentures.

When you notice a buildup of tartar or stubborn stains on your dentures, the best way is to bring them to your dental health professional. With professional cleaning, you can be sure that its original colour will be restored. It can also be helpful for you to get more tips from the dental health professional, as you can keep your pearly whites looking completely new.

Denture Maintenance in Springfield Central, QLD

If you are wondering how to whiten dentures, there are a number of ways through which you can restore them to their natural colour. In case you are looking for a different colour, you can discuss it with the team of experienced dentists in Springfield at Robelle Dental Centre. We know that keeping the dentures clean is as crucial as maintaining your health.

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