How Long Can the Numbness Last After Wisdom Teeth Removal

How Long Can the Numbness Last After Wisdom Teeth Removal

Most people prefer to avoid visiting the dentist’s office, even if it is a routine checkup. There can be anxiety about dental pain, so some people delay fixing issues with their teeth, mouth, and gums. Many people take their dental hygiene seriously but may still have problems with wisdom teeth. Therefore, removing wisdom teeth becomes the only solution.

Dentists mostly use anesthesia to induce numbness around the mouth to relieve pain. Although our mouth numbs after anesthesia, many of us would like to know how long does the numbness last after wisdom teeth removal. Let’s find out how long numbness last and how to get rid of it after removing the wisdom teeth.

Is Numbness Dependent on Something?

When we have intense pain in our teeth, there are chances that the wisdom tooth may pop out from nowhere. It could cause pain, and we will soon start seeing its effects. The dentist injects a numbing agent to remove the wisdom tooth to save the mouth from pain. The overall numbness depends on the quantity and also the site of administration.

The lower part of the jaw may need a lot of anesthesia as there is normally a presence of the nerve. If it is not numbed, it may cause real-time pain. Metabolism in our body can also play an important role in determining the duration of numbness. Those with a high metabolism can get numbness much earlier than those with a slow metabolism. In the majority of cases, the sensation goes on its own.

How Long Can the Numbing Last?

Numbness can be drastic, and we can lose the basic feeling in a large part of our mouth. When our mouth is numbed for wisdom teeth removal, we cannot properly feel our cheeks and tongue. Therefore, we must stay conscious of accidentally biting down our cheeks and tongue, thus causing self-injury.

Numbing can last for a minimum of two hours and can reach up to five hours. If a heavy painkiller has been administered after wisdom tooth removal, then there are chances that we may feel numb for a longer time. Numbness from a local anesthetic depends on the amount and the area in the mouth. It is best not to worry about it; it will start getting normal within a day.

Getting Rid of Numbness After Wisdom Teeth Removal

You may need to find out how long does the numbness last after wisdom teeth removal. The following are some of the best solutions to get rid of it.

  • Have a Good Sleep

Being physically active is among the solutions you would like to adhere to, but having a nap can also help you get rid of numbness. Take a nap, sit back, or get some sleep to pass the numbing sensation that you are feeling.

  • Be Active

Physical activity after wisdom teeth removal is also a good idea. You can take a brisk walk or do some chores. This way, your blood circulation will increase, which may carry away the anesthesia you have been feeling at the injection site.

  • Give a Massage to the Skin

A warm compress can be very helpful in improving the blood flow toward your skin’s affected area. Other than that, provide warmth to your lips by massaging them. It will certainly result in the inflow of blood.

Wisdom Tooth Removal in Springfield Central, QLD

Normally the effects of anesthesia wear off when there is increased blood flow. Yet many people want to know how long does the numbness last after wisdom teeth removal. Overall, it may take a few hours to get rid of numbness. You can always contact our dentists in Springfield if you feel numb after wisdom teeth removal. Our trained and experienced staff completely understands it, so we want to make the experience pleasant for you.

Call us today or book an appointment for our best advice to regain feeling and get things back to normal.