Love Your Teeth

Love your teeth

Dental Health Week 2022

It’s that time of year again! Sure, it’s also Ekka time, but between 1-7 August Australia celebrates Dental Health Week. The theme for this year we are asking you to love your teeth! Here are the five tips you can do to achieve this!

Tip 1

Take your teeth on a date to the dentist!

Have you received your check-up reminder, and filed it in the to do list. Perhaps you have not visited for a little while. Use this week as an opportunity to book your teeth in for a date and come and see us, your dentists. Your teeth will thank you!

Tip 2

Care for your teeth by brushing every day

Plaque continues to grow on your teeth, all day, every day. Show your teeth you care by brushing two time every day to keep the germs at bay. Show your love in the morning before rushing out the door and brush again at bedtime. That way you are less likely to eat or drink something (and also give your bacteria something to also snack on before bed!)

Tip 3

Really spoil you teeth by cleaning between them

Treat your teeth to an extra special surprise. Cleaning between your teeth helps remove the bacteria (germs) and food that will get trapped during the day. Flossing or interproximal brushes are great to prevent tooth decay here and keep your gums healthy.

Tip 4

Treat your teeth to healthy foods and drinks

Did you know that the World Health Organisation recommends adults should only have 6 teaspoons (or less) of sugar each day? That’s harder than you think. Keeping to this recommendation really does reduce your risk of developing tooth decay. Drink water during the day, limit snacking between meals, and keep that sweet treat for the end of a main meal instead.

Tip 5

Use your teeth for only what they were made for

Teeth are made for smiling and chewing. Don’t hurt them by trying to open bottles or packets. These habits increase the chance you might break or crack a tooth. Show your teeth you love them by only using them for the intended purpose.

Learn More

The Australian Dental Association has created a great website: to find easy and up to date information about your oral health. You can also call or contact us at Robelle Dental Centre at Robelle Dental Centre for more information. We are here to help.