Dental Accreditation – Cycle 4

Dental Practice Accredited

Once again, Robelle Dental Centre has passed its Dental Accreditation. Introduced by the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care, in conjunction with the Australian Dental Association in July 2012, accreditation aims to ensure demonstrated compliance with legislation, as well as a commitment to continually improving our safety and quality.

Dental Accreditation by Australian Commission on Safety and Quality Health Care

Robelle Dental Centre commenced is accreditation journey in August 2012, when we were still Orion Dental Centre. We took on this task as our commitment to being the best dental team, engaged to continually strive to improve our care for you. It seemed a little overwhelming to start off with – there was a lot to learn. This initial assessment was made against the Standard applied to hospital care, with modifications for dental practice.

As our systems have matured, managing and maintaining accreditation has become easier. We continue to look at ways to improve not only our clinical services, but the support systems behind that care.

We are very pleased to announce that we have once again passed our Accreditation, and our new certificate is proudly displayed.

But our work does not stop here. The Commission has released a new Standard relating to primary health care. Implementation is planned for the middle of 2022 and we will make sure over the coming years our practice aligns to the new Standard. Be assured, that whatever changes get made, your dental team is prepared to adapt and improve, and continue to deliver the high standards of dental care important to you as our patients.

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