Your family Dentist in Springfield Lakes

Our History

Robelle Dental Centre is the new name and location for our practice. Originally opening in January 2008 as Orion Dental Centre within the Orion Shopping Centre, the goal of owning our own premises somewhere in Springfield was always the aim.

In late 2015, an opportunity to purchase premises within the Park Avenue Apartments development occurred. What followed was some 15 months of negotiations and Council approvals to bring this vision to reality.

We opened our new practice in July 2017. We are looking forward to continuing your care in our new home.

What Can You Expect From A General Dental Practice?

General Practice Dentists are trained to treat a wide variety of dental conditions. However, no two dentists are the same. Their approach treatment, their experiences they have throughout their practising lives shape the dental care you will receive. Our dentists share a similar philosophy, but will do things slightly differently.

Dr Bryan Dubbeldam and Dr Elizabeth Wilson are the dentists in our practice.

Your dentists are will often discuss treatment options with each other to ensure that even if you are being cared for by someone other than your regular dentist, your treatment experience will be similar.

Core Values

Honesty – Integrity – Respect – Value

By articulating our core values, we wish to show you the type of dental practice we aspire to be. If your values align with ours, then we may be the practice you are searching for.

Honesty | We will at all times be honest in our dealings with you. We expect that you will be honest with us.

Integrity | We will always do the right thing. We will not cut corners or take the easy path.

Respect | We will show you respect and courtesy. We expect this in return.

Value | We will complete our duty to you diligently, and ensure that you receive value from our services.

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