General Dental Practice

What Can You Expect From A General Dental Practice?

General Practice Dentists are trained to treat a wide variety of dental conditions. However, no two dentists are the same. Their approach treatment, their experiences they have throughout their practising lives shape the dental care you will receive. Our dentists share a similar philosophy, but will do things slightly differently.

Our dentists are will often discuss treatment options to ensure that even if you are being cared for by someone other than your regular dentist, your treatment experience will be similar.

There are certain dental conditions or procedures that are particularly difficult, or require specialised equipment. In these case we will refer you to a dental specialist. You will need to attend your appointment at their rooms, though we will usually provide the specialist with a referral letter and any necessary x-rays or clinical photographs.

Emergency Dentist Available in Springfield Lakes

Our practice will often reserve time in our dentists’ appointment book for emergency appointments. Please call us on (07) 3470 1313 to schedule your appointment.

Trauma is an urgent dental emergency. We have provided dental first aid advice, but strongly encourage professional review. If this is outside regular practice hours, please present at your local hospital emergency department.

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