Why would I need to consider braces?

Orthodontic treatment is dental treatment designed to improve the alignment of your teeth. Not only does it improve the appearance of crooked teeth, but for many patients it greatly improves the function of the teeth and jaws as well.

Even everyday tasks, such as flossing and brushing can be improved with orthodontic treatment. Many general dental practitioners choose to complete simple orthodontic treatments, and our dentists may be able to manage simple malocclusions for you.

Severe crowding and jaw discrepancies will require the care of an orthodontist, the specialist dentist who has completed three additional years of university training. Fortunately, Dr Laura Barbagallo from Exact Orthodontics at Indooroopilly is consulting with us once a month.

Though a referral is not necessary, we do recommend a check up for patients considering orthodontic treatment.

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