How Much Does Teeth Whitening Cost?

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You may wonder what the cost is if you’re considering whitening your teeth. It’s an understandable question; with so many whitening products on the market and prices ranging from a few dollars up to hundreds of dollars, it can be overwhelming trying to figure out exactly how much your options may cost. This article post will cover everything you need to know about how much teeth whitening costs and provide helpful tips for selecting the right product or service for your needs!

Types of teeth whitening

Several types of teeth whitening are available to choose from, ranging from in-office professional whitening treatments to at-home whitening solutions. Professional in-office treatments use bleaching agents activated by heat or light to quickly break down stains and restore your teeth’s natural colour. At-home solutions provide convenience and flexibility by allowing you to whiten your teeth over time using customised trays or strips. In both cases, the results will depend on the severity of your staining, although they can last up to several months with proper maintenance and care. Ultimately, it is important to speak to your Dentist before trying any teeth whitening treatment, as they can help determine the right procedure for you based on your needs.

How does teeth whitening work?

Through professional teeth whitening treatments, a dentist can use peroxide-based products to break up stains in the enamel of teeth. These products are typically left in place for 10–15 minutes to allow ample time for oxidisation, during which they can also penetrate deep layers of teeth. Generally, these processes require multiple visits as individual tooth surfaces are treated with precise amounts of product to ensure even coverage. This treatment focuses exclusively on changing the colour of existing teeth, not their shape or size, making it an effective option for those looking to achieve brighter smiles.

The cost of teeth whitening

However, the cost of the treatment can vary greatly depending on the chosen method. Numerous over-the-counter products to brighten teeth are more affordable than professional treatments. Professional teeth whitening options range from in-office bleaching systems like Zoom and laser whitening to take-home professionally prescribed trays or strips with varying price points. It is important to do research on all your options and discuss them with a dental professional before committing to this costly but effective beauty fix.

Risks and side effects associated with teeth whitening

There are some known risks and side effects associated with the process. In particular, those with sensitive teeth may experience increased sensitivity or pain due to the active ingredients in whitening products. Additionally, bleaching agents can damage the mouth’s soft tissues, such as the gums. For this reason, it is important to discuss with your Dentist any potential risks before beginning any teeth whitening routine. Lastly, improper use of these products could lead to an unnatural colour change or uneven results. Discussing proper technique and product usage with your Dentist may help minimise these risks.

Teeth Whitening at Robelle Dental Centre, Springfield QLD, Australia

A variety of teeth whitening products are available on the market, and the best way to determine which one is right for you is to consult your dentist at Robelle Dental Centre. The cost of teeth whitening can vary depending on the method used, but it is generally affordable. Over-the-counter teeth whitening kits are typically less expensive than professional treatments, but they may be less effective. If you have concerns about the safety or effectiveness of teeth whitening products, talk to your dentist before using them. Visit us Robelle Dental Centre in Springfield QLD, Australia!