What is Gum Disease?

As the name suggests, gum disease is a dental condition that affects the soft tissues that support your teeth.

If you ever have bleeding gums when you brush, you are experiencing one type of gum disease. This is known as Gingivitis and is very easy to treat. It is caused by bacterial plaque creating a low grade infection along the gum line. Remove the plaque by simply improving your brushing on the bleeding areas, and the gums will often health themselves. If it has been a long time between professional visits, then a professional clean to remove tartar build up may also be needed.

Periodontitis is a moderate to severe form of gum disease. It involves the destruction of the supporting ligaments and bone that hold a tooth into the jaw. It is often a painless, chronic disease that many patients do not know they have. It is also a disease that is very difficult to treat, and like many chronic diseases it is managed rather than cured.

What does treatment entail?

This usually involves professional cleaning below the gum line, usually under a local anaesthetic and regular monitoring and review. Additional cleaning techniques and tools are often prescribed for a patient with periodontitis. Some patients need specialist treatment including gum surgery to help manage the condition.

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