Check Ups

For your dentist to know what to do, a check up is of utmost importance. A ‘Comprehensive Examination’ is a thorough look at your teeth, gums, tongue, lips, bone, jaw joint and muscles. We look at each tooth for signs of tooth decay and if any fillings are broken or worn. If your gums bleed at lot on gentle probing, or if there are excessive pockets, you could have gum disease that needs special treatment.

Your dentist will also look at the relationship between the upper and lower teeth. They will also look at the condition of the jaw joints and muscles. Did you know that oral cancers are responsible for 1% of cancer deaths in Australia each year? That’s why your dentist will also take the time to check your tongue, cheeks and lips for anything unusual. We will also take a screening set of bitewing x-rays. This can allow us to see early decay or other problems under the gum line.

If you have complex needs, plaster casts of the teeth, photographs, and saliva testing may also be used. Our staff will make a record of these examination findings. This gives your dental team a baseline against which any changes in the future can be checked.

If you have a toothache or want us to look at a specific issues, we complete a limited oral examination. A similar approach is taken, though, as the name suggests, focusing purely on your specific need.

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