Dental Health Week 2019

Dental Health Week 2019 banner

Dental Health Week will run this year from 5 – 11 August. The theme for this year is “How’s Your Oral Health Tracking?” This theme is fairly all-encompassing, and covers a vast array of topics, so you’ll probably find something of interest, or that covers an area that you may be concerned about in regards to your oral health.

Dental Health Week is run every year by the Australian Dental Association with the aim to improve the oral health of the Australian public. We here at Robelle Dental Centre aim to do our part by not only providing you with great dental care, but also to use the week to provide you with some handy information to help you assess your own oral health and see how you are tracking.

Over the week, we will be posting about a range of topics related to this year’s theme, including some great information and resources provided by the Australian Dental Association. Some of these topics include; How is your Oral Health tracking – are you brushing and flossing correctly? How the sugar and acidity of the drinks you choose stack up. How is Australia’s Oral Health tracking in general? Nutrition tips from better oral health.

Keep an eye out here on our website and also on our Facebook page for these posts throughout the week. You can also check out the ADA website. If you have a question you’d like to ask about any of the topics, please contact us.

If you happen to have an appointment with us during Dental Health Week you’ll also see a bit of extra decoration in the practice, as well as some information posters, so keep an eye out for those. There will also be a cute colouring in for the kids, which we’ll feature up on our wall. If you need to make an appointment to see us during Dental Health Week, or any time, just call 3470 1313 or click here to book online.