Dental Emergencies

Despite best efforts, we know that both toothaches and accidents can and do happen. In these situations, we will try to accommodate your appointment quickly whenever possible. If this is not possible, we will provide you with advice and help to find another dentist in the general area who may have time available.

What should I do if I knock a tooth out?

If the tooth is dirty, clean the tooth in milk. If that is not available for a few seconds wash the tooth with water or have the patient suck it clean. Try to only touch the crown. Reimplant the tooth in the socket if possible. If the tooth cannot be placed back in the socket, wrap it in plastic wrap or place it in milk or in the patient’s mouth inside their cheek. Contact us as soon as possible, preferably within 30 minutes. If after hours, contact the emergency department of the local hospital.

I have a persistant toothache, what should I do?

A dull, throbbing painful tooth is unlikely to get better by itself and we recommend arranging an appointment as soon as practicable. In the meantime, over the counter pain relieving medications may be taken. Do not place pain relievers, especially aspirin on or near the tooth. Continue to keep your mouth and teeth clean, removing any obvious debris. If swelling is present, using a cold compress on the swelling may help, but seek medical or dental advice quickly.

What should I do if I break my tooth?

Clean the tooth with warm water, and save the pieces if possible. Keep the fragments moist and we may be able to bond them back into place. Contact us to arrange an appointment as soon as practicable.

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